HIMALAYAVENTURA.COM - Buddha Treks Group is a company specialized in leisure holidays, trekking, peak climbing and expeditions in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

Since 2000 we organize exceptional holiday trips, accompanying specialized guides and well organized teams. More than 22 years experiences make us fully matured on organizing leisured holidays, trekking, peak climbing and expedition trips in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

We highly appreciate everyone who puts trust and expectations on us to provide opportunity to serve them and accumulate experience of 22 years this industry. This encourages us to continue in the industry offering our hospitality. Hundreds of guides, sherpas, cooks and porters who collaborate and trust HIMALAYAVENTURA.COM - Buddha Treks Group in the same way that we trust all of them to make some of our dreams come true.

We would like to continue sharing experience with who desires to travel and explore in the coming years. HIMALAYAVENTURA.COM - Buddha Treks Group highly appreciate all clients, friends and co-operators who supports us. Traveling and exploring continue to be a source of inspiration and knowledge to understand, with simplicity and wisdom, the teaching that HH the Dalai Lama offers us: “the only possible happiness is that which comes from helping others”.

With the desire to help you and share your next trip or expedition.